Virtual Day Classes

Food/Cooking – This class will focus on teaching participants new recipes and expanding their knowledge on different food groups as well as food from around the world.  The cooking class will also focus on healthy decisions and proper kitchen safety.

Animals – Participants will learn all about the animal kingdom and where certain animals reside throughout the world. We will learn about different habitats and touch on conservation as well as the contributions we can make to preserving wildlife.

Music/Instruments – We will learn all about the instrument families and the different instruments that reside in these groups. Participants will listen to what they sound like and become familiar with the history of them. We will focus on different types of music and the people who have made a major impact in the music industry.

Money – This class is designed to teach individuals the importance of money, where it comes from, and the difference between essential and non-essential spending. We will learn about the cost of things, the value of bills and coins, and how to add and subtract these amounts.

Virtual Field Trips – This class gives participants the opportunity to learn about and tour places throughout the world. These virtual tours are very informative and offer breathtaking sights of beautiful, well known places around the globe!

Sensory – Research shows that sensory activities help with stimulating the brain, creating neural pathways and improving sensory processing systems. Sensory activities also improve social skills and enhance coordination. This class will offer easy DIY sensory activities and offer resources for simple ways to stimulate the senses.

Arts and Crafts – Participants will learn the importance of the history of art, the different styles/movements, and of course get the chance to show their creative side through a series of mediums!

Trivia – If you are a trivia buff or just someone who wants to learn new interesting facts on a variety of topics, this class is for you! We have an immense amount of resources for quizzes, trivia, did you know, brain teasers, etc. Learn something new every time!

Science – In this class we will learn about a range of different science topics covering everything from plants to space, chemistry, biology, weather, etc. You’ll discover some incredible secrets, awesome theories, and explore amazing experiments!

Strength and Fitness – This class provides resources for a variety of different adaptable exercises. From simple stretches to strength building to seating exercises, this class has options for all levels and abilities.

Yoga – The art of practicing yoga helps in controlling the individual’s mind, body, and soul. We have a variety of easy to follow videos featuring adjustable poses and relaxing breathing exercises. This class is a way for the individual to relax all while reaping the many benefits of yoga.

Dance – This class offers many easy to follow dance videos featuring trainers and dance instructors. Participants can learn choreography to popular songs, follow a routine, or free-style if they want!  

Karaoke – Everybody loves music! This class will allow individuals to sing some of their favorite songs and learn new ones along the way.

Cultures/Traditions – Learn about different cultures and their way of life all throughout the world. Many people do things differently than we do. Understanding these differences allows you to be more open, accepting, and tolerant of other people. Familiarizing ourselves with different people and traditions is one of the best ways we can learn from each other, and learn more about ourselves.

Reading – This class features a variety of books and genres. It is a way for individuals to build their vocabulary and enhance their listening and comprehensive skills. 

Guest Day – This class can be run by other instructors “guests” as a way for participants to interact with other staff members they don’t usually see. When other staff are unavailable, this class can be used as a resource to learn about public figures throughout society. These “guests” can include: world leaders, inventors, authors, historians, celebrities, famous athletes, etc.

Pre-voc and Work Skills – People benefit from having opportunities to learn about working, to develop the skills they need to succeed, and by building self-efficacy and self-belief. These activities will assist individuals by promoting independence while completing a wide variety of tasks.

News currents – It is our responsibility to know what is going on in the world.  This class is a way for participants to stay updated on current events. It will also allow individuals to discuss and voice their opinion on different events in a safe and respectable place.

Virtual Show and Tell – One of my favorite things while in school was being picked for show and tell. This class will give individuals the chance to show off anything they are proud of, their favorite things, their pets, etc. Literally anything they would like to share. They will talk about the item and why it is important to them.

Bingo – This class will provide a different variety of bingo games, including informative activities. Many of the resources we will be using are “jingo” games where the participants will have to figure out what we are describing and mark them off on their cards. 

Virtual Games – Participants will have the option to play a variety of interactive games in this class. We have included some educational games as well as some of the classics that everyone loves!

Theme Days – In this class we will explore an array of different themes. Anything participants are interested in learning more about or would just like to discuss with their peers is available. This could include television shows, movies, the marvel universe, W.W.E, cars, gardening, video games, etc.  The possibilities are endless!

History – This class will provide activities and discussion on historical events and trends. It will teach us how these events affect our lives today and why these issues should be important to us.