Virtual Day

How to Sign Up?

Step #1 – Contact Green Valley Case Manager, Rebecca Kratz, via phone at (920) 887-4282 or e-mail at

Step #2 – Contact your long-term support Care Manager and let them know that you are interested in Green Valley’s Virtual Day Program.

Kristen DeVries

Kristen DeVries has been with Green Valley for over a year now in the SNAP department.  The reason she wanted to work at Green Valley was to change people’s lives.  Her hobbies are hanging out with friends and family, shopping, and doing her nails.  Her favorite quote is “Please understand I have a disability not a disease.  You cannot catch it.  I may walk, talk, and move differently than you do.  But on the inside I’m the same as you.”  She hopes to see you soon.

Sara Zimmerman

Sara Zimmerman graduated from UW LA Crosse, WI with a bachelor’s degree in Therapeutic Recreation with a minor in Recreation Management.  She has served for individuals with disabilities for 25 years.  Sara’s passion started as a junior in college working in a group home.  She has worked for Green Valley Enterprises for 14 years.

Brea Marwitz

Brea Marwitz has worked at Green Valley in the SNAP department for 10 years.  Brea got into this field of work after attending many special needs events with her uncle who had Down syndrome and grew a passion for working with people with different abilities.  Brea loves spending time with her husband and two young kids, especially swimming at their family pool in the summer!  She is excited to see all of you through virtual programming!