Birth to 3

The goal for the Birth to 3 Program is to empower parents to help children with developmental needs. The program is designed for parents to take an active role in their child’s developmental and emotional growth.
Birth to 3 Services
  • Determine eligibility

  • Provide a global evaluation of your child and specific evaluation(s) in the area(s) of developmental concern and develop plan

  • Provide service coordination (case management) to assist you in coordinating services throughout your child’s development in the program.

  • Provide early intervention services (occupational, physical, speech therapies and other special education) according to your child’s plan

  • Help secure community services

  • Facilitate transitioning your child into early childhood program after the age of three


Birth to 3 has a parental cost share system. It is based on income and other state and federal guidelines.  Call 920-887-4282 for more information.

“We help people with special needs, and their families, achieve maximum potential and independence through an array of services.”