Community Employment Services

Community Employment Services are specifically designed around individuals who have a disability that is a barrier to employment.

Green Valley takes a very individualized approach to the employment process. We take the time to understand each individual’s interests, needs and abilities. Our long-standing and highly regarded presence in the county has cultivated mutually beneficial relationships with a wide range of employers.

Employment Services
  • Assessment of an individual’s interests and abilities

  • Individualized approach to employment planning

  • Resume Preparation and application assistance

  • Job search and placement assistance

  • Meaningful employment matches

  • Benefits planning

  • On-the-job support as needed


A couple of years ago I was very depressed about my future and ability to provide for my family due to post traumatic stress disorder. Green Valley and their team of Employment Specialists and Production Department provided me with a new     outlook on life and my ability to be a productive husband and father. Through their help I was able to improve my self-    image and esteem which motivated me to obtain part-time employment that eventually led to my current position as an instructor for a national company. Green Valley’s Employment Services helped me in not only getting a job but in resurrecting my career.

–Ross Nelson, Regional Instructor –Service Master

Green Valley’s 2016 company survey showed 96% of respondents recommend Green Valley’s services to others.

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