All donations will be used to enhance services at Green Valley Enterprises – Beaver Dam.
  • GIVE BY CHECK: Send donation to Green Valley Enterprises c/o Opportunities, Inc, P.O. Box 278, Fort Atkinson, 53538. Designate in memo to “Green Valley Enterprises General Fund” OR “Green Valley Enterprises Legacy Fund.”
  • GIVE ONLINE: Visit and enter in your information. Please specify “In Honor Of” box to “Green Valley Enterprises General Fund” OR “Green Valley Enterprises Legacy Fund.”

Dear Friends of Green Valley Enterprises,

For 54 years, Green Valley Enterprises has provided person centered programming, support, and advocacy for individuals with diverse abilities from birth to elder care, in partnership with the greater Dodge County community. The GVE Board of Directors remained mission focused during very turbulent times with decreasing state and federal funding and caregiver shortages while navigating through the pandemic. Due to funding uncertainty, community rehabilitation programs were compelled to restructure and disband many services for our most vulnerable. However, the GVE Board of Directors made a bold decision in 2022 to merge with Opportunities, Inc. of Jefferson County to strengthen and expand services!

Since June 2022 Green Valley Enterprises, a division of Opportunities, Inc. has made strategic enhancements in mission services and team alignments along with significant facility improvements keeping emphasis on the participants we serve. Stakeholders welcome the new initiatives, while appreciating the commitment to Green Valley Enterprises as a cornerstone for serving our most vulnerable within this community.

Green Valley Enterprises, a division of Opportunities, Inc. will maintain its authentic identity as a 501c (3) charitable organization tax status. We invite you to consider a financial gift to the Green Valley Enterprises General Fund to enhance the daily operations and services. Secondary, a separate Green Valley Legacy Fund, governed by its own Board of Directors, administered through the Beaver Dam Area Community Foundation, has been established to ensure long term financial commitment. Please note the fund of your choice when making your donation.

Grassroots established Green Valley Enterprises and these same grassroots will cultivate and grow the mission for years to come! Your financial support will ensure the continuation of a full array of services to enrich, employ and advance people of diverse abilities in our community.

Thank you sincerely for choosing to invest in this transforming social mission!