Life Academy

Life Academy is a post graduate program that grows employment and life-long independent living skills for students with diverse abilities. Our main goal is to build students’ confidence related to living, learning, and earning within the community. Check out our brochure here: Life Academy brochure.


18-21 Transition Program

    • Our developmentally based continuing education program for students 18-21 years pf age, incorporates systematic integration of 21st century life and career skills across the K-12 curriculum and in career and technical education programs.

Summer LA

    • Students from the age of 12 may attend our Summer Life Academy soft skills program to participate in job shadowing and volunteering within the community to become more aware of potential future careers.

ASP (After School Program)

    • The ASP is designed to provide youth beginning at age 12 a safe environment that supports healthy growth and development in areas that influence student success and lifelong learning.  We offer individual tutoring and homework help, focus on leadership, life skills development, healthy life style, ATM (anger, time and money management) and much more!​

Meredith Winning
Meredith Winning

Life Academy is directed by a team of degreed educators, human services professionals and experienced employment specialists. Programming is updated regularly to adapt to the needs of the participants.  Work with an employment specialist one-on-one and in small groups to gain valuable insight into finding and keeping a job. Call now to Learn More about Life Academy at 920-356-5022.

Joann Lehman